"There's a strength to Josh Beech's work which cannot be denied.It's there in his chord phrasing, in his lyricism and it's there in his voice – pure, clear and yet also brusque at the same time" - CLASH MAGAZINE

Josh Beech is a singer/songwriter from Bromley, South East London. Known for his catchy songwriting, unique vocal style and commanding on-stage presence, Josh has spent his career dabbling in multiple genres, from punk rock to electro-infused pop. After a top ten single with the song "Lovers" and top 40 album with his band Beech in 2015 Josh made the decision to leave his major label deal and begin performing and writing as a solo artist... Josh Beech's musical evolution had a new focus, rooted in soulful indie rock-inspired songwriting.

Josh’s current solo single “American Current” was released Sept 2nd 2019, worldwide. The music video for “American Current”, which can be seen below, was released on September 16, 2019. Directed by Josh Beech and Michael Russo. Produced by Josh Beech, John Cirone and Michael Russo.